PAPERBAGG Magazine N°7 | Algerian Talent Show

Back on Track

PAPERBAGG is back, cause we’ve always been here to stay.
No, we didn’t give up, we’re too stubborn to give up. We did not comply. We will never comply with any retrograde diminishing standards.
Our new issue is in a way an ode to you, to us, to the Algerian creative community. To the original spirits in a society drowning in uniformity. Here, we will take you on an artistic journey, through the mazes of some of the most creative minds we met. From Mounir and his raw nostalgic vision, to Neila her drastic style and bold mind, you will discover here a new Algeria, never afraid to speak it’s mind, never backing away from the difficulties, and most important, Always different.
In this issue, we also meet Doria and Houria only to confirm how brave the Algerian woman is and has always been. We then stumble across Myriam’s world, a world so graphically expressive that it sucks us inside never to let us leave again. Comes then Siêm, the woman whispering beautiful incantations to our ears, a sound so enchanting and pure we dare you to forget it.
This issue is our tribute to the creative community, to those originals who cannot, under any circumstances, fit into the conventional molds.
No more barriers, no more excuses, PAPERBAGG is claiming it’s own voice, a collective voice we already hear loud and clear, and can all be part of. No more uniformity, no more mediocrity, we are the future and we owe it to ourselves to transcend our own limits.
Unleash your mind and free your spirit, we are here to welcome it.
Oh and Ramzy, you thought I forgot you. How could I forget your culinary art when I’m barely able to make decent scrambled eggs…

Lettre de l’éditeur, Amel Benlazhar, Rédactrice en Chef